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2.45 GHz Embedded Antennas

Mon, 11/26/2001 - 5:00am
As the battle continues for local wireless connectivity — one thing is clear. Devices connecting to a specific network require an antenna that will operate throughout the 2.4GHz band and support multiple applications. ARC Wireless has developed two embedded antenna designs in the 2.45 GHz band that will support 802.11b, ISM, Bluetooth and Home RF applications.

Embedded antennas can be costly and cause problems due to size and volume constraints. In order to meet the size and cost goals, tradeoffs have been made in the bandwidth or radiation pattern. The ARC Wireless Solutions' design team has developed antennas that are not only cost effective but give optimum performance regardless of size and volume constraints.

These embedded antennas will revolutionize the personal connectivity market by providing seamless wireless connection for applications such as PCMCIA cards and devices.


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