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Triple Gate Devices

Tue, 10/30/2001 - 8:03am
Adding to its emerging MiniGate™ portfolio, ON Semiconductor unveiled six high-performance triple-gate devices in tiny Ultra-Small-8 (US8) packages drivers/buffers for computing, networking and portable applications including LEDs. Designed with three gates in only 6.2 mm2 area of board space, the devices enable designers who require three-gate functionality, to place three independent gates in the same amount of space formerly occupied by a single SOT-23 device.

ON Semiconductor designed the series of high-performance, low-voltage buffers/inverters with CMOS/LVTTL compatible inputs to enable designers of next-generation electronics to benefit from the ability to interface with multiple voltage systems. The over-voltage tolerant input enables the devices to interface directly with higher voltage circuits, with no need for logic level translators. The over-voltage tolerance at the output allows the designer freedom to select any voltage between 0 and 5.5 volts as the output level, while maintaining input compatibility with the rest of the system. The open drain output feature allows customers to create wired-OR/wired-AND configurations.

The devices were individually designed to allow the company's customers flexibility when searching for low-voltage standard logic solutions to complete their designs. The NL37WZ14, for instance, is capable of changing input signals into sharply defined, jitter-free signals, while the pin configuration and function are the same as the other devices in this family.


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