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Sectorized Omnidirectional Antenna

Tue, 10/30/2001 - 8:03am
MAXRAD announces an antenna solution for 2.4 GHz ISM wireless internet coverage issues. The new XtremeWave™ MSO24014PTNF all terrain sectorized omnidirectional antenna is designed to provide pattern shaping flexibility to wireless internet network planners by applying new patent-pending electrical and mechanical technology to a single antenna model. The technical design of this new sectorized omni provides unique advantages over standard omnidirectional base station antennas.

This MAXRAD innovation allows individual sector adjustments of up to 15 degrees of uptilt or downtilt, permitting system planners to contour their coverage area according to the geographic conditions of their territory. When each sector of the antenna is individually fed, isolation of 㫀 dB is achieved and lower sidelobe levels are obtained. The resulting signal is less prone to interference issues from adjacent antennas that may affect gain and reduce overall system performance.

For applications with more specific coverage demands, this antenna offers more than 10 different azimuth (horizontal plane beamwidth) pattern options, optimized to address varying coverage, cost control and tower space limitation challenges. As the internet service provider's subscriber base grows, the MSO24014PTNF can accommodate increased radio capacity with individually fed sectors, resulting in higher gain output (14 dBi) and enhanced throughput capacity with a VSWR of less than 1.5:1. This design can also prevent total system failure by allowing installers to remove the damaged components within a section of the array without interrupting service to the other operating sectors.

The MSO24014PTNF's patent-pending mount design permits installation directly around the tower leg (1.25 to 1.75 diameter), which minimizes windloading on the tower and adds mounting flexibility where space allocation is limited. It also includes a 1.25 diameter pipe for center pipe mounting. The antenna itself is light and compact, measuring 19.75 long and 5 in diameter, and weighing 8 lbs. It includes an N, female connector at the 3-way equal power divider input, but other connector options are available with the standard 12 LMR195 cable pigtail.


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