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Pluggable Voltage Spike Suppressor

Mon, 10/22/2001 - 4:34am
dataMate Products, a division of Methode Electronics, Inc., announces the arrival of the industry's first pluggable SCSI Voltage Spike Suppressor. The Voltage Spike Suppressor contains a series of clamping diodes designed to protect the controller chips found on a SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface) bus. Positive and negative voltage spikes can often occur on a SCSI signal line during hot swapping (the adding or removing of devices while the system is operational). These voltage spikes have the potential to damage sensitive SCSI controller chips and/or corrupt data. The Voltage Spike Suppressor alleviates this problem by limiting positive voltage spikes to less than 4.15 V and negative voltage spikes to greater than -1.2 V @ 50 mA.

The feed-through Voltage Spike Suppressor offers effective protection to controller chips for stand-alone SCSI applications, such as the JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks). Simply plug the Voltage Spike Suppressor in-line between the controller chip and the source of the transient voltage spikes. The Suppressor remains virtually invisible to the system under normal operating conditions and only becomes active when it detects a voltage spike on a data line.


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