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New Power MOSFET Series

Mon, 10/08/2001 - 4:27am
Siliconix incorporated a subsidiary of Vishay Intertechnology announced the release of the first ESD-protected devices in its lead-less ChipFET™ power MOSFET series. The new p-channel devices, which occupy a footprint measuring 3.05 by 1.80 mm, provide an extra measure of protection when used to switch power in systems with attachable/detachable accessories such as SIM cards, Bluetooth adapters, IrDA adapters, MP3 adapters, and cable connections to other portable equipment.

Designed to minimize conduction losses, the new ChipFETs additionally feature low on-resistance. For the three devices released today, rDS(on) at a 4.5-V gate drive is respectively 45 mΩ and 62 mΩ for the -20-V Si5461EDC and Si5463EDC, and just 37 mW for the -12-V Si5465EDC. All three devices are also rated for operation at 2.5 V and 1.8 V. Maximum current handling ranges from -5.1 A to -7.0 A depending on gate-source voltage.

Typical applications for the new ChipFETs will include load switching, battery charger switching, and power amplifier switching in cell phones, PDAs, and other portable devices. In addition to giving designers more flexibility in how and where power circuitry is laid out, their 5000-V ESD protection will help to increase manufacturing yields, since fewer devices will be affected by handling during the production process.

Lead-less Vishay Siliconix ChipFETs occupy approximately half the board area required by a leaded TSOP-6, allowing designers to shrink the power management circuitry for cell phones and notebook computers into about half the space previously needed. By eliminating the leads found in conventional MOSFET packages, ChipFETs allow designers to reclaim board space that would otherwise be wasted and thus to add new features or capabilities within a smaller area. And since maximum ChipFET thermal resistance is just 20°C/W, compared to 35°C/W for the TSOP-6, designers can handle more power, or build a cooler-running circuit, in addition to saving space.


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