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Mon, 10/01/2001 - 4:41am
Datel's new DMS-30PC-4/20-BS is the first 4/20 mA process monitor flaunting a full-size, vibrant blue display. These new LED readouts exploit recent silicon-carbide developments to present eye-catching "readability" unmatched by other display technologies. The large (0.56 inches/14.2 mm), brilliant blue digits are easily visible from as far as 20 feet, making them ideal for monitoring your most critical process parameters.

The long-distance, all-angle visibility of these new blue LED's is achieved without sacrificing package size or power consumption. DMS-30PC-4/20S-BS process monitors are housed in miniature, 2.17 inches× 0.92 inches (55 × 23 mm) packages whose total behind-the-panel depth is an inconsequential 1 inches (25.4 mm). Power consumption from a single +24 V supply (21.6-26.4 V range) is typically less than 900 mW, an important feature considering today's skyrocketing electricity costs.

DMS-30PC-4/20-BS process monitors feature a built-in DC/DC converter that provides full isolation (1000 Vdc) between the current-loop input circuitry and the +24 V supply. This isolation not only eliminates historically troublesome ground loops, it allows DMS-30PC-4/20-BS process monitors to be electrically installed anywhere in the series loop, a convenient attribute in today's complex, multi-device, 4-20 mA loop configurations.

The functionally-complete DMS-30PC-4/20-BS contains everything you need. On board, screw-type, terminal blocks make for extremely reliable power-supply and current-loop connections. The high-quality, gold-plated, 8-posistion DIP switch trivializes the task of configuring and of hundreds of different input-current/display-reading combinations. The "Range Settings Table" in the data sheet obviates the need for any user calculations. There are no cumbersome jumpers or solder gaps to contend with, and two, on-board, precision, 20-turn span and offset-adjust potentiometers facilitate fine tuning for the most demanding applications.

The DMS-30PC-4/20-BS consists of a loop-current conditioning board securely mounted to a rugged, epoxy-encapsulated, 31/2 digit voltmeter. The advanced circuit design achieves a low loop drop of only 2 Volts maximum (100 Ω loop burden). Two band-gap voltage references and multiple, precision, metal-film resistors ensure stable performance over a wide 0 to +60°C temperature range.

The entire assembly features 100% soldered connections avoiding the use of troublesome elastomeric "zebra" connections. Vibration-induced failures are virtually eliminated enabling the unit to withstand the harshest industrial environments. For maximum installed reliability, all I/O and power connections are made via reliable, screw-style terminal blocks, and no technical skills or special tools are required for installation.


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