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Ferrite Chip Bead Inductors

Tue, 10/30/2001 - 8:03am


Taiyo Yuden announces the addition of 0603 case size parts to its line of ultra-compact, high-reliability ferrite chip bead inductors for high-frequency noise attenuation in power supply circuits of laptop computers, cell phones, PDAs and computer peripherals (including USB devices). Designed for use in circuits where high impedance and large withstand current (up to 2 A current) are needed to mitigate radiated and conducted noise, the new FBMH Series (FB-ferrite bead; M-rectangular chip; H-high impedance type) 0603 ferrite beads are the only components of their type that are designed not only for upper MHz frequencies but also for applications above 1 GHz.

The 0603 case size ferrite chip beads come with impedance ratings of 150 and 220 Ohms. The 150 Ohm part offers a maximum current rating of 2.0 Amps while the 220 Ohm part offers a 1.5 Amp rating. A key performance advantage of the FBMH includes lower DC resistance (RDC) characteristics versus competitive models (150 Ohm part has maximum Rdc value of 0.050 Ohms while the 220 Ohm part has rating of 0.070), necessary in reducing heat generation and power loss in low voltage/high current applications, including CPU VCC lines.

Due to their high current ratings and small form factor, FBMH Series devices also allow higher component mounting density. The series consists of 11 separate models in 0603 to 1812 EIA case sizes offering impedance values from 150-1600 Ohms. All models are surface-mountable, and are available on standard 4000-piece paper tape-and-reel dispensers (0603, 0805 only); or 1,000 or 2000-piece embossed tape reels (0806, 1206, 1210, 1806, 1810, 1812).


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