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Dual Frequency Ceramic Package Programmable Oscillator

Tue, 10/30/2001 - 8:02am
Fox Electronics announced the availability of a dual frequency ceramic package programmable oscillator. This newest JITO-2®, the latest in Fox's line of Just-In-Time Oscillators®, provides any standard or custom frequency from 340 kHz to 250 MHz, plus any other frequency representing the selected frequency divided by 2, 4, or 8. Fox example, a single device could be furnished with a frequency of 250 MHz and a second frequency of 125, 62.5, or 31.250 MHz. This eliminates the need for a second device in many applications.

The company also announced that it is the final stages of development of the first independent dual frequency programmable oscillators, which will provide engineers with any two frequencies from 340 kHz to 250 MHz in the same device.

The new "divide-by" dual frequency JITO-2 oscillators are currently offered in a 5 × 7.5 mm ceramic package with a frequency stability of ± 100, ± 50 or ± 25 ppm over a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and a stability of ± 20 ppm over a temperature range of -20°C to +70°C. They offer a choice of +3.3 V or 5.0 V supply voltages, with CMOS outputs.


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