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UV Light Sources

Mon, 09/24/2001 - 4:51am
This new line of modular flood and focused beam light sources is designed to provide easy, cost effective polymerization of light curing adhesives and coatings for a variety of process settings. Complete curing systems for most applications are quickly and easily assembled from among a comprehensive menu of modules. Or, light source modules may be chosen to mount onto pre-existing assembly systems.

The components available as modules include reflectors, power supplies, shields and stands, and shutters. Featured are a 9 inches× 9 inches wide area, moderate intensity flood reflector, a 5 inches× 5 inches focused flood and a 1 inches× 6 inches focused beam reflector. Each reflector may be operated by one of three power supplies. The modules can be mixed and matched to create custom curing processes for most applications.

Constructed of durable, light weight, brushed aluminum, the light sources may be mounted over pre-existing rotary indexing tables or conveyers; or they may be purchased mounted in a variety of complete curing stations or on conveyers.

All light shield/stand modules allow complete viewing of the curing process and are designed to be height adjustable to accommodate different part sizes. Shutters open manually or automatically to allow timed exposure of parts to light.

These moderate intensity light sources are capable of curing most UV adhesives and coatings between surfaces in from 1-5 seconds. Coatings and potting to 1/4 inches may require from 10 to 30 seconds to cure.


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