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Three Way Power Splitters

Fri, 09/28/2001 - 9:40am
Microlab/FXR announces 3 way Power Splitters that are 3G ready, covering the full 800 - 2,200 MHz with high performance specifications. Microlab/FXR Model D3-24FD Three Way Power Splitter evenly splits high power signals with minimal reflections, PIM (passive intermodulation) and minimal insertion loss at powers up to 700 W average power. The unit is packaged to withstand the most extreme weather environments and allows simple attachment to pole or wall using the bracket provided. When compared to most conventional Wilkinson power dividers, Microlab/FXR reactive power splitters have much lower loss, have no resistors to burn out, have fewer solder joints for enhanced reliability and reflect less power back to the transmitter.

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