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Technology Improves Cooling Air Flow

Fri, 09/28/2001 - 9:40am
Tracewell Systems announced the availability of Advanced Vector Controlled Air Flow (AVCAF) Technology, a design method that provides cooling and reliability of VME, VXI, cPCI, proprietary bus systems, and the latest high-power switch fabric architectures. AVCAF delivers a highly uniform flow of cooling air within each slot in a system chassis, without creating a substantial increase in air flow resistance. This results in more consistent temperatures across all circuit cards and components. Proven in rigorous military and aerospace applications, AVCAF is ideal for mission critical telecom, datacom, and data acquisition systems. The technology has been licensed from Raytheon, and is currently available as part of custom and modified standard system enclosure designs only from Tracewell Systems. AVCAF offers a highly engineered, reproducible solution to system cooling that provides more uniform airflow throughout a chassis. AVCAF relies on subtle adjustments in airflow direction to significantly improve the flow balance across system boards, without excessive pressure loss.

In terms of improvement, AVCAF can allow for power dissipation densities up to a factor of four greater in a given enclosure volume. Such performance gains without manual intervention can be particularly important in custom-engineered packaging systems, allowing much shorter time to market for the system developer or integrator. In a typical measurement of air flow versus chassis slot position versus depth along the card, charts shown in the appendix indicate that air velocity was made dramatically more uniform with AVCAF. The average velocity in each chart is approximately 1000 linear feet per minute (lfm). The difference in entrance velocity diminished from ± 1000 lfm without AVCAF, to ± 400 lfm with AVCAF. Similarly, the difference in exit velocity dropped from approximately ± 400 lfm, to ± 100 lfm.


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