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RFI Chokes

Fri, 09/28/2001 - 9:40am
A new line of common-mode RFI/EMI noise suppression chokes designed for through-hole PCB-mounting applications has been introduced by Schaffner EMC. The new chokes feature a compact design that uses less board space, allowing designers to fit higher performance chokes in smaller spaces. The compact design is suited for through-hole applications, such as in cases where a very dense component array limits component size.

Made especially for PCB-level RFI/EMI noise suppression, the chokes enable OEM designers to incorporate noise suppression at the board level rather than using canned filters, thereby saving money. Applications for the new chokes exist in DSL, telecom, servers, computers, and medical equipment designs, and for suppressing equipment with no ground connection.

Available with current ratings from 0.3 to 5.0 amps, the new chokes are used to suppress any form or combination of common-mode and differential-mode noise. Maximum operating voltage is 250 VAC rated at 40°C. The chokes are manufactured in Schaffner's dedicated choke-widening department.


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