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RF Cascode Amplifier Designed for Low Noise

Fri, 09/28/2001 - 9:40am
A cost-effective, high isolation cascode amplifier using Silicon Germanium:Carbon (SiGe:C) technology has been introduced by Motorolan's Semiconductor Products Sector. This amplifier can help to simplify RF designs for 100 MHz to 2.5 GHz applications, and it is available in the ultra-small SOT-343R miniature surface mount package.

The MBC13916 General Purpose SiGe:C RF Cascode Amplifier is intended to be a similar, but improved, replacement for the MRFIC0916, which was introduced by Motorola in 1998. This newer cascode amplifier utilizes the SiGe:C module of Motorola's 0.35 micron RF BiCMOS process to realize significant performance improvements over the older device. The SiGe:C technology requires the addition of only one masking step into a proven mainstream process. The small SOT-343R package is designed to save significant printed circuit board space in a wide variety of RF applications.

The device has on-chip bias circuitry that sets the bias point, while off-chip matching maximizes design flexibility and efficiency. The MBC13916 offers improved performance with lower noise figure specifications, and higher small signal gain at 2.5 GHz compared to the older MRFIC0916. The IC has a minimum noise figure (NFmin) of 0.9 dB at the device level, and a noise figure (NF) of 1.25 dB in a typical circuit at 900 MHz. At 1.9 GHz, the NFmin is 1.9 dB, and the NF is 2.1 dB in a typical circuit. High frequency gain at 2.5 GHz has also been improved. The drain current is 4.7 mA at a VCC of 2.7 V.


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