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Fri, 09/28/2001 - 9:40am
Tektronix announced significant new third-generation (3G) measurement capabilities for its widely accepted portable base station field tool.

Intense competition among mobile networks operators demands that they steadily upgrade their services, adding capacity for more users and more content. Next- generation architectures such as cdma2000 have emerged to answer these capacity needs, and as a result, the industry is deploying new infrastructure elements based on multiple 3G standards. Mobile network operators need efficient field tools to support their infrastructure development as they adopt these next generation standards while preserving the quality of service (QoS) their second-generation (2G) networks have traditionally delivered. The new Option CD2 software for the Tektronix NetTek™ YBT250 base station field tool brings cdma2000 measurement capability to a platform that has provided a low-cost, light-weight and easy-to-use solution to field technicians around the world.

With the addition of Option CD2, the YBT250 field tool delivers the most common field transmitter measurements for cdma2000 base station installation and maintenance (I&M). Automated tests include a full set of signal quality measurements, Pilot and Code Domain Power measurements, codograms (which quickly highlight code power variations), and more. The platform analyzes the measurements and then presents the results in an easily understood summary, sparing users the effort of interpreting measurements from complex signal traces. Consequently, less-experienced field technicians can work independently on cdma2000 base station I&M tasks.

The Tektronix YBT250 field tool inaugurated a new class of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) instruments when it came to market in February 2001. A rugged, portable platform with multi-standard measurement capability, the YBT250 fills the gap between expensive, full-compliance testing tools and low-cost, single-task instruments designed to perform only one measurement. And with its ability to adapt to rapidly changing measurement needs with the addition of software measurement packages or hardware modules, its flexibility remains one of its key benefits. The YBT250's modular architecture supports a range of BTS transmitter measurements that currently includes AMPS, IS-136, GSM 900, cdmaOne (IS-95), GSM 1800 and GSM 1900; now cdma2000 joins this lineup. The instrument's Windows-based user interface simplifies operation in the field, allowing field crews to complete their base station tests quickly. The compact battery-powered tool, which weighs just over 4 kg, is easy to transport to remote sites.


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