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Mon, 09/24/2001 - 4:51am
SimPro Controls' SimLink® system now offers remote control and monitoring capabilities for single-loop flow control applications, such as direct actuator control. Now, a simple and economical solution is available for processes that previously may not have been considered candidates for automation.

At the heart of the system is the SinLink-SC1 single-loop controller, providing easily programmable, pre-packaged automation. Monitoring and control can be performed using the in-house SimLink-PC software and either hardwired or wireless controller communications. In addition, direct infrared communication with each controller offers the same level of control on the plant floor using SimPro's SimLink-IR PDA Software.

The SimLink system provides global access to single-loop processes by connecting a network of controllers to SimPro's SimLink-IC device. This device gathers status information from any attached controllers and uploads them over the Internet. SimPro's secure website displays the available remote plant information to the subscriber and allows commands to be sent to individual controllers. An additional option allows cameras to be connected to the SimLink-IC device for remote visual monitoring capabilities.

The SimLink control system represents a true application breakthrough, with its simple installation and software applications, variety of communications options, and secure Internet accessibility.


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