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Thick Film Dielectric

Thu, 08/30/2001 - 9:29am
KQ125, an advanced thick film dielectric from Heraeus is photoprocessed in the dried state, for easy direct contact imaging. It allows the combination of vias as small as 50 microns with a low dielectric loss of 5 × 10-4 and a low dielectric constant of 3.9. KQ125 is developed in an aqueous, rather than a solvent, solution for vias of 50 microns and larger, and has no need for nitrogen purge during processing.

As part of Heraeus' complete KQ Advanced Microelectronics Material System, KQ125 contributes to unsurpassed microwave performance at frequencies in excess of 80 GHz. The system's conductors and dielectrics provides thin film or better performance in circuits manufactured using substantially lower-cost thick film photomechanical processes on 96% alumina. The KQ System enables manufacturers to embed components and to increase interconnect density, reliability, functionality and battery life.

In addition to KQ125, Heraeus offers the photosensitive KQ115 dielectric and KQ150, a direct printing dielectric. KQ dielectrics are designed for use in conjunction with high-performance precious metal pastes featuring very high conductivity, smooth surface finish and excellent bondability.

The KC gold conductors include KQ500, an etchable conductor allowing better than 25 micron line resolution, and C5755A for direct screen printing that allows at least 75 micron line resolution. C5756 offers the same benefits and suitable for aluminum wire bonding. An etchable pure silver conductor, KQ610, offers better than 25 micron line width on 96% alumina. The combination of KQ technology and Heratape™ LTCC system provides enabling technologies for wireless, automotive and other micro-electronic applications.


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