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Telecom Overvoltage Protectors

Thu, 08/30/2001 - 9:29am
Bourns introduced the TISP4xxxLM series, a new range of telecom overvoltage protectors in modified TO-92 packaging aimed at cost sensitive through-hole applications.

The specially optimized high performance chip is available in 100 A, 50 A and 35 A 10/1000 versions. Each current rating is available in up to 17 different protection voltages between 70 V and 400 V, enabling the closest possible protection across a wide range of operating conditions. As with all Bourns overvoltage protectors, low capacitance guarantees are provided under various bias conditions and surge performance is guaranteed against an extensive list of international standards.

The TISP4xxxLM series provides symmetrical, bi-directional protection in a compact, two lead variant of the TO-92 package, and is backed by comprehensive datasheets listing performance against surge standards such as FCC Part 68 and ITU-T K20, K21. Guaranteed low capacitance values, high holding current, and low off-state current combine to make the TISP4xxxLM a flexible protection solution which offers guaranteed dynamic performance, whether used individually for two wire devices such as telephones or modems, or in combination for multi-point protection. Matching performance is also available in DO-214 AA (SMB) packaged devices, providing an easy migration path for designs expected to move to surface mount assembly.


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