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Surface Mount Pulse Withstanding Chip Resistors

Thu, 08/30/2001 - 9:28am
Providing electronic systems design engineers with an economical means of protecting sensitive electronic circuits, resistor manufacturer IRC is offering a series of thick film pulse withstanding chip resistors that achieve significant power ratings in a limited space. Designated the PWCR Series, these resistors are available in four standard sizes (0805, 1206, 2010, and 2512) with power ratings from 0.125 W to 1.5 W @ 70°C, giving customers the ability to incorporate protection wherever it is required within their circuits designs.

The pulse withstanding capability of the PWCR Series ranges up to 5 kV for a 2512 size with 1.2/50's and 10/700's pulse shapes as defined by IEC 60-115-1. They are rated for 0.125 W to 1.5 W @ 70°C and benefit from an increased Limiting Element Voltage (LEV) of 150 V for the 0805 size and 500 V for the 2512 size.

The enhanced performance of the PWCR Series resistors is achieved by the use of special thick film inks, and by a specifically developed production process. Applications for the PWCR Series resistors range from line protection for telecommunications equipment to surge withstanding resistors for use in power circuit breakers.


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