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Surface Mount Overvoltage Protectors

Thu, 08/30/2001 - 9:29am
Bourns launched the TISP4xxxBJ telecom overvoltage protection series. Patented bipolar silicon processing and advanced packaging technology has enabled Bourns compliance to the demanding Telcordia GR-1089 CORE and FCC Part 68 requirements for transient protection of Telecom equipment within the space saving DO-214AA (SMB) standard footprint.

Offering guaranteed voltage performance under dynamic conditions, two current ratings, a common DO-214AA (SMB) package, and the a comprehensive range of protection voltages from 70 V to 400 V, the TISP4xxxBJ series from Bourns provides a versatile and cost-effective Telecom protection solution, even for the toughest exposed locations. The TISP4xxxBJ H3 and H4 need no additional series resistance, further reducing space and cost.

The TISP4xxxBJ enables equipment to comply with all international surge standards, including ITU-T K20/K21, Telcordia GR-1089 CORE, and FCC Part 68 as required for modem applications. Extensive testing and characterization enables comprehensive ratings data against all relevant standards to be included in the data sheet, and for protection voltages to be guaranteed under real world dynamic conditions. Tightly controlled performance enables designers to select either 100A 9/720 or 200A 9/720 ratings, with a choice of holding current to optimize their protection method.

The TISP® series offers sophisticated and precise overvoltage protection which initially clips transient voltages, then automatically moves into a low voltage crowbared mode for maximum current diversion. Once the lightning or power line transient is dissipated, the TISP's high holding current prevents latch-up as the current subsides, and allows the device to return to its high impedance "off" state.

The versatile two pin TISP4xxxBJ devices can be used singly in consumer equipment or in pairs or three way configurations for exchange based systems, matching the protection needs of a wide range of Telecom products from modems, faxes, ISDN adapters, and advanced telephones, to remote-monitored alarm systems, analog line cards and xDSL line cards.


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