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Schottky Diode Series

Mon, 08/27/2001 - 5:13am
A new series of Schottky diodes providing superior capacitance, a low forward voltage drop, and a very high single surge current rating was announced by Vishay Intertechnology. Devices in the Vishay Telefunken series will be used for MOS protection; for steering, biasing, and coupling functions in logic-level applications where fast switching is required; in dc-to-dc converters; and in low-current power supplies.

The 12 devices included in the new "103" series are offered in a range of breakdown voltages — 40 V (xx103A), 30 V (xx103B), and 20 V (xx103C) — and in four standard package types: the DO35 (SD103x), MiniMELF (LL103x), QuadroMELF (LS103x), and MicroMELF (MCL103x).

Providing a power-efficient solution for designers of consumer and communications products, each of the new Schottky diodes features a low maximum forward voltage drop of 0.37 V at a 20-mA forward current, and a maximum leakage current of just 5 μA at a reverse voltage of 30 V. Each device additionally is rated for a high single surge current of 15 A and a typical junction capacitance of 50 pF at a 1-MHz frequency. An integrated protection ring guards against static discharge.

The unique high surge current/low voltage capabilities of the new 103 series complements existing Vishay Telefunken Schottky offerings for low-current/high-voltage applications and simplifies the task of purchasers by making devices for a wide range of industrial standards and design needs.


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