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Thu, 08/30/2001 - 9:29am
Reducing board space requirements for power circuitry design in portable and computing applications, ON Semiconductor introduced the NTHx5xxxT1 family, a series of N- and P-Channel power devices, the first family of products utilizing ChipFET™ packaging technology.

The ChipFET technique brings leads to the bottom of the package, which increases available die area. ON Semiconductor designed the 8-pin ChipFET family to improve the percentage of active die utilization to a given footprint.

As consumer demand increases for competitively priced portable devices with increased functionality, engineers face the difficult task of fitting an increasing number of faster, smaller ICs with improved thermal characteristics, into ever-shrinking design space. ON Semiconductor solves these design issues by using ChipFET packaging technology to deliver a low-cost family of power management devices.

With an initial product offering of nine devices in the 8-pin 1206 package, this complete package portfolio features single and dual packages with N- and P-channel polarity, at three different voltages (8-, 20-, and 30-volt) with operating voltages as low as 1.8 V.

ON Semiconductor offers the NTHx5xxxT1 devices in the 8-pin 1206 package, with samples and production quantities currently available. Both single and dual devices are available.


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