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Open Socket Terminators

Thu, 08/30/2001 - 9:28am
dataMate Products is announcing the availability of a new open-socket terminator for the latest high-performance computers which use multiple Intel Pentium® III processors. This new terminator fits in any unused processor socket and terminates the system's high-speed buses to maintain proper operation. DadMate is the first manufacturer approved by Intel to produce and market these terminators.

Intel's latest Pentium III processors are manufactured with an 0.13 μ process for higher clock speeds. The newest Pentium III-compatible processors operate at 1.13 GHz and include 512 K of L2 cache. These new processors have been designed to allow for better graphics performance, high clock speeds, and the use of multiple processors in high performance systems.

In multi-processor systems, any unused processor socket must be populated with a special terminator to ensure that each data or clock line "sees" the correct impedance. This minimizes reflections and other potential signal problems which can develop in high-speed systems.


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