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Miniature RF Chip Inductors

Mon, 08/13/2001 - 4:52am


Pulse announces the new 0402CD miniature radio frequency (RF) chip inductors designed to improve the performance of high-frequency circuits. The 0402CD chip inductors are used in tuned circuits and filters for wireless products where high Q is required. The 0402CD series features Q values ranging from 16 to 24, with excellent electrical characteristics over a wide range of radio frequencies. Tight inductance tolerances, high series resonance frequency (SRF) and high Q make these products particularly well-suited to high-frequency 2.4 GHz Bluetooth applications.

The dramatic growth of portable handheld devices, coupled with the latest generation of set-top boxes and cable modems will create an ever-growing demand for these tiny RF chip inductors, which are ideal when circuit board space is at a premium.

The 0402CD miniature RF chip inductors feature a wire-wound ceramic core construction, a low profile (0.61mm or 0.024 inches maximum) and a robust design for easy surface mounting. They use tin/lead termination with the industry standard 0402 (1005) surface mount land pattern. This range of product is functionally and mechanically equivalent to Coilcraft's 0402CS series.

The series is available in 22 inductance values from 1 nH to 47 nH with Q values from 16-24 at 250 MHz with a choice of either a 5 or 10 percent inductance tolerance.


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