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Mon, 08/20/2001 - 5:11am
Optrex's new Active-MLA (Multi-Line Addressing) LCD technology offers full color, high quality display of moving images with fast response time, high brightness, lower cost and lower power consumption compared to TFT (thin film transistor) LCDs. Due to breakthrough in the optical design, a reflection ration of 50% has been achieved with 65,000 colors while maintaining highly efficient light transmission for a brightness of 35 nits in production cellular devices.

\Next generation cellular/mobile internet devices are moving toward full color, high-speed moving images. Optrex's Active-MLA displays, a refinement of the MLA technology originated by the company, were developed for the i-mode internet access mobile phones that are so popular in Japan. They are transflective LCDs that combine a proprietary technology with a high-speed driving technology to provide optical characteristics that compare favorably to TFT displays, but with lower power consumption and lower unit costs.

The Active-MLA LCDs support moving images at speeds from 10 to 15 frames per second. Users of i-mode handsets with Active-MLA displays can browse for sports scores, play games, do online banking and stock trading, download cartoons and images, digitally interact with friends, and also perform popular personal information management functions such as an address book, calendar, and email.

Active-MLA, according to Optrex, is the improvement of the company's proprietary driving technology to the level where 65,000 colors can be produced with moving images while maintaining a 2.5 mW power consumption so essential for mobile devices. This, combined with a new generation of highly reflective panel technology, results in a mobile displays product that outperforms reflective TFT technology.


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