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Thu, 08/30/2001 - 9:28am
UNIPOWER Telecom's new INV5000 telecom inverter produces 115 VAC RMS at 5,000 volt-amperes in a 2U-high (3.5 inches) shelf, which is mountable in either a 19- or 23-innch equipment rack.

The INV5000 system consists of two INV2500 2,500 VA inverters with outputs paralleled. The output is near-perfect 60 Hz sinusoidal waveform with a ۪.1% frequency stability and less than 2% total harmonic distortion. The input voltage is 48 VDC nominal, with a range of 42 to 56 VDC; the unit is fully isolated from the battery.

Input circuit breakers turn the inverters on and protect the battery from input faults. Output breakers connect the inverters to the load bus and quickly disconnect them in the event of an internal fault. The inverters also have a synchronization feature for connection to a live AC bus. They have a high surge capability for starting into inductive loads like motors, but the quick-trip output breakers trip if power tries to flow back into a faulted inverter.

Front panel LEDs indicate inverter status and Form C relay alarm contacts are available on the back. The inverters are self-cooled by internal ball bearing fans. The inverters employ MOSFET and IGBT power switches together with advanced high frequency, pulse-width modulation techniques to synthesize a precision, regulated sinusoidal output. The fully isolated output can power any load from +90 to -90 degrees phase angle.

The INV5000 is ideally suited for use in telecom sites, electric utility substations, fuel cells, and solar panel applications.


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