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Gold Conductor

Thu, 08/30/2001 - 9:29am
C5755A, a screen printable gold conductor paste from Hereaus fires to a thin fired film thickness of only 5-8 microns, rather than the 10-12 microns required for traditional gold conductors. Because less material is required to create high-reliability circuitry, Heraeus' new conductor provides significant cost savings to manufacturers.

C5755A is a cadium-free thick film paste that produces extremely dense, ultra-fine patterns down to 3 mil (75 micron) lines and spaces. It supports easy bonding and fine-line printing in multi-layer telecommunications, military and medical applications where high conductivity and high density are critical.

C5755A offers excellent gold wire binding properties, with pull strengths of >11 grams using both 1.0 and 1.25 mil wire on alumina and IP9117S dielectric. Its automatic wire bonding properties were confirmed in an independent study conducted by the Center for Advanced Vehicle Electronics (CAVE) at Auburn University. Using 1.0 mil gold wire on both alumina and dielectric, there were no missed bonds out of 11,900 bonds. With average pull strengths of 8.3 grams on alumina and 6.2 grams on dielectric, adhesion values were well above the minimum bond strength required by MIL STD 883E.

C5755A has superior back-lit density and low resistivity. For use in mixed met-allurgy circuits, it is compatible with a variety of solderable conductors such as silver and silver/palladium. C5755A gold conductor paste incorporates advances in sub-micron gold powder technology developed through Heraeus' ongoing research and development programs. The spherical gold powder uses advances dispersion techniques to create an agglomerate-free powder.


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