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Frequency Hopping Synthesizer

Wed, 08/15/2001 - 9:33am
Frequency Hopping Synthesizer (FHSZ8588) is used in Microwave band applications (up to 4 GHz) for Wireless systems, providing low phase noise. Since low phase noise OCXO is loaded inside the unit (Frequency Synthesizer), it is unnecessary for the external reference oscillator to feed reference signal to the Frequency synthesizer.

FHSZ8588 comes with 3 output power ports, covering 60 MHz in port 1, 1080 MHz in port 2 and 8.56 - 8.86 GHz in port 3(Output power is generated by using 30MHz Frequency Step Hopping method).

In 8.56 - 8.86 GHz frequency range, DRO (Dielectric Resonator Oscillator) and SPD (Sampling Phase Detector) are applied to create PLL (Phase Locked Loop) to maintain low phase noise characteristics.

External interface is configured with 9-pin D-SUB, which includes DC Power and 4 inputs of Frequency setting TTL (+5 V high, 0 V low) with 1 strobe signal. All three output power ports comes in 50 ohms SMA-F connectors.


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