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Thu, 08/30/2001 - 9:28am


Pulse announces a new line of single port PulseJack™ RJ-45 connectors with integrated magnetics and telephone network voltages (TNV) circuit protection. The new connector integrates isolation transformers and line side protection creating a single port T1/E1 solution. This PulseJack™ family of RJ-45 connectors successfully passed rigorous tests conducted by Contech Research, a leading independent connector evaluation firm. The J1501F21 is a through hole, tab-up RJ-45 jack designed to interface with PMC-Sierra transceivers PM4351 and 4354 for long haul and short haul applications. PulseJack™ models matched to other leading T1/E1 IC manufacturers are also available.

In telecommunications applications such as modems for computers, notebooks, and servers, protection of circuitry is needed to prevent equipment damage caused by over-voltage and over-current surges due to line voltage surges, lightning strikes and/or AC power cross disturbances. Fully matched and compatible with PMC-Sierra's transceivers when used with recommended chip side protectors, the PulseJack™ RJ-45 connector has been designed to meet the surge immunity and electrical safety standards, including Bellcore GR-1089, FCC Part 68 and UL 1949/1950.

With integrated magnetics, voltage surge protectors, and over-current protectors, the new PulseJack™ RJ-45 connectors deliver improved electrical performance and a built-in RJ-45 receptacle in one package. The PulseJack™ is a space efficient module, which minimizes the electrical trace length between the RJ-45 connector and Integrated Circuit Transceiver, again improving both electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection and electrical performance.

The transfer-molded connector module utilizes Pulse's patented interlock base construction, which minimizes the stress of human handling during assembly and encapsulation, thus resulting in more uniform positioning of coils, leads and interconnecting wires which in turn provides a higher part quality and reliability.

Packaged, the PulseJack™RJ-45 connector, part number J1501F21, has an inductance value of 0.6 μH, with turn ratios of 1:2,42 for transmission and 1:2,42 for receiving. IC grade transfer-molded package withstands 235°C IR reflow. Operating temperatures are 0°C to +70°C.


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