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Assembly and Test Services

Thu, 08/30/2001 - 9:29am
StratEdge announced that it is now offering complete assembly and test services to its customers. Assembly and test of DC through 50 GHz devices packaged in StratEdge products is accomplished in StratEdge's class 100 work area. The service has been established in response to microwave and high-speed digital systems manufacturers and captive component houses looking to eliminate the need to work with bare die, and IC fabricators looking to offer prepackaged solutions.

StratEdge is assembling and testing single chip fiber optic, multi-device fiber optic, and multi-chip MMIC assemblies into StratEdge Packages. The assembly process includes eutectic or epoxy die and passive component attach with automatic wire bonding. After assembly, the packages are lidded, leads trimmed and formed, and then tested with a HP 8510C network analyzer. Post assembly services include labeling, bulk packaging, and preparation for delivery. StratEdge can accommodate special requests such as grouping completed parts based on very tight electrical performance specifications so they can be used together in specific applications.


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