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Thu, 08/30/2001 - 9:29am
Fairchild Semiconductor International introduces a new family of operational amplifiers that combines rail-to-rail output (RRO) performance with low power and low cost. The five new products offer a range of performance levels, from 75 MHz at 0.5 mA supply current to 7.3 MHz at 70 μ A supply current. For example, the KM4110 has a slew rate of 50 V/ μs and provides a combination of industry-leading bandwidth of 75 MHz and low noise level of 12 nV/SQRT Hz. These voltage feedback amplifiers are designed for low cost, battery-powered commercial applications, including cellular and cordless phones, PDAs, smart-card readers and telecom products.

Using a bipolar design, the amplifiers typically provide ten times more bandwidth and slew rate than CMOS amplifiers in the same supply current class. A proprietary gain stage (patent application submitted) allows the amplifiers to achieve as much as a 50% higher slew rate (50 V/μs for the KM4110) — with a low supply current (0.5 mA). With extremely low supply current of less than 70 μA, the KM4112 achieves 7 MHz gain-bandwidth with slew rate of 9 V/µs. For higher bandwidth applications that allow for increased supply current, the KM4111 and KM4121 offer a 35 MHz bandwidth and 27 V/μs slew rate, with only 0.2 mA.

In addition, the KM4120 and the KM4121 are similar to KM4110 and KM4111, except they have an active-low disable pin that can be used to lower their supply current to less than 30 μA. This feature reduces power consumption in the standby mode. The output stage of all five products is short circuit protected and offers "soft" saturation protection that improves recovery time. These amplifiers are designed to operate from +2.5V to +5.5V, or ± 1.25 V to ± 2.5 V supplies.


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