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26 to 31 GHz Leaded Package

Thu, 08/30/2001 - 9:29am
StratEdge announced the availability of a new 26 to 31 GHz leaded package designed for easy manufacturing of devices with high thermal management needs, like power amplifiers. The new product, StratEdge part number 580403, is the first leaded product for commercial applications that performs at Ka-Band. Prior to this, leaded packages from StratEdge were only available from DC to 23 GHz. This off-the-shelf package makes it possible to obtain a device in the 26 to 31GHz frequency range that has already been packaged and readied for conventional soldering and assembly.

Applications for the package include all Ka-Band applications such as: LMDS, satellite communications, automotive radar, and point-to-point/multipoint. These packages are key in the last mile distribution of broadband for voice, data, and video communications. The StratEdge 580403 can be widely used to package power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, switches, and can be customized to MCMs. Based on the highly successful StratEdge LCC Series, the 580403 package uses a standard copper composite base incorporated with StratEdge's patented microstrip-imbedded microstrip-microstrip transition design. A plastic cap lid finishes the structure and provides protection for the device. The outside ceramic dimension is .450 inches× .450 inches (11.43 mm × 11.43 mm). The cavity dimension is .250 inches× .250 inches (6.35 mm × 6.35 mm). There are two RF and 8 DC I/Os. The composite metal base provides thermal conductivity and expansion matched to the high frequency chips. In addition to designing and manufacturing the package, StratEdge can also provide assembly and test.


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