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Ultra-Small Power Inductors

Tue, 07/31/2001 - 4:30am


Pulse announces its new, lowest-profile 1.8mm-high surface mount (SMT) power inductor for use with micro power and handheld devices. In addition to being ultra-thin, the micro power inductors feature an extremely small footprint and a closed magnetic field due to their toroidal construction, which ensures low electromagnetic interference (EMI). The series ranges from 1 μH to 47 μH with saturation currents of 2.1 to 0.31 amps. Applicable frequency ranges are 1KHz to 2MHz.

The demand for these pick and place surface mount inductors arises from the need for designers of handheld electronic devices, telecommunication products, and PCs to reduce board size, power consumption and production costs in their new designs. These inductors have applications in numerous product categories ranging from laptops, PCs and servers to handheld web devices, game controllers, TV set-top boxes, cable modems and telecommunication circuits.

The micro series is available in eight part numbers: PA0040.102T, PA0040.222T, PA0040.472T, PA0040.103T, PA0040.153T, PA0040.223T, PA0040.333T, and PA0040.473T. Inductance values range from 0.70 to 32.5μH with DC resistance values from 0.103 to 0.833 milliohms (mW). Operating temperatures are -20 ° C to 85 ° C.


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