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Mon, 07/23/2001 - 5:07am
Racal Instruments introduces a new, high-precision, benchtop or rack mount use, GPIB counter/timer offering the test community the best cost and performance solution available on the market today. The new Model 2201, 225 MHz universal counter/timer, from Racal Instruments incorporates a Temperature Controlled Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) as a standard feature providing users with internal oscillator stability of one part per million (0.0001%). Ideally suited for laboratory and test system applications, the 2201 also replaces Racal Instruments 199X series counter/timers and facilitates legacy test system upgrading through simple front panel controls and the included LabVIEW and LabWindows CVI drivers. In selecting the 2201 GPIB counter/timer, design engineers are obtaining unrivaled accuracy, performance, value, and the benefit of Racal Instruments' proven quality, reliability, and global service network.

The 2201 GPIB counter/timer meets and exceeds the demands placed upon test equipment performance by the electronics industry's increasing appetite for speed, performance, accuracy, and cost. With a built-in TCXO, the benefit of a reduced parts count construction compared to legacy counter/timer designs, and the overall ease-of-use built into the 2201, Racal Instruments has clearly established a new price and performance benchmark within the test equipment industry.

Racal Instruments' Model 2201 is a 225 MHz universal counter/timer for benchtop, laboratory, and ATE system applications using the standard GPIB control bus. The 2201 is supplied complete with a standard, high-accuracy TCXO, VXI plug & play install disk, and LabVIEW/LabWindows CVI drivers enabling quick and easy installation. Standard automatic measurement functions on the 2201 include frequency, period, time interval, time interval delay, pulse width, phase, total, and peak-to-peak voltage.

Racal Instruments' counter/timers have many applications in research and development. The 2201 GPIB counter/timer is ideally suited for use in the characterization and production test of oscillators, motors, radars, avionics, control systems, and VCO's. An optional analog output is available for measuring and recording long and short-term frequency drift. The standard measurement accuracy of one part per million may be improved further with an optional ovenized internal oscillator (OCXO). An optional 1.3 GHz channel C is available for RF measurement applications.


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