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Mon, 07/16/2001 - 5:47am
AVX Corp. has combined two filters into a single space-saving package for use in portable Global Positioning System (GPS) applications. These Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filters, designated the SF Series, combine a front-end filter with an interstage filter in single package (3.80 × 3.80 × 1.25 mm), thus reducing volume by 75% and weight by 80% when compared to specifications for two individual filters.

Combining the two filter elements into a single package not only saves space, but also gives the system the front-end filter's low insertion loss (0.9dB typ.), and the high selectivity associated with the interstage filter's attenuation characteristic (30dB min.) The device also exhibits excellent isolation characteristic (40dB min.) among two-filter elements.

Applications include use in GPS cellular phone applications, GPS system cards, and Handy GPS Systems.

The SF Series SAW filter features a 1575.42MHz center frequency with 3 MHz passband for both front-end filter and interstage filter.

The miniature SF Series SAW Filter measures just 3.80 × 3.80 × 1.25 mm, sold on tape-and-reel packaging, giving the device a small footprint and a low profile. This filter is also compatible with automated assembly equipment and reflow soldering techniques.


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