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Master(tm) Family of Antennas

Tue, 07/31/2001 - 4:30am
Decibel Products has announced that it will add its MaxFill™ technology to the Diversity Master™ Family of Antennas. This technology provides exceptional pattern shaping, particularly in the area of upper-side lobe suppression and null filling, making it possible for customers to get enhanced close coverage while maintaining low interference levels with the Diversity Master products.

To support trunking and cellular customers, Decibel Products has introduced two new models with MaxFill capabilities. Model 855DD90T3ESX provides a 90-degree azimuth beamwidth featuring three degrees of fixed electrical downtilting and a gain of 11.5 dBd. Model 854DF65T5ESX provides a 68-degree azimuth beamwidth antenna featuring five degrees of fixed electrical downtilting and a gain of 12.5 dBd. Both of these models feature null filling better tan 15 dB and upper-side lobe suppression better than 18 dB.

In the PCS family, Decibel has released model 926DF65T9E-M, an antenna that focuses on precise pattern shaping for dense urban areas. This model provides a 65-degree azimuth beamwidth and features nine degrees of fixed electrical downtilt. In addition, model 930DF65T2E-M provides a high gain array with two degrees of tilt, ideal for suburban site planning. As with the other models, both arrays provide better than 15 dB upper side lobe suppression and excellent null filling.

The innovative design of the MaxFill arrays provides superior upper side lobe suppression and a consistent null fill across the entire bandwidth; an important feature to today's carriers. By operating on a unique feedline system that creates an exceptionally well-defined pattern, this innovative technology reduces co-channel interference, bolsters weak signals, eliminates, eliminates gaps in coverage, and focuses more valuable energy below the main beam for wireless users.


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