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Magnetic Transducers/Buzzers

Mon, 07/16/2001 - 5:44am


Betso Tech, Korea have introduced a complete range of magnetic buzzers. They different surface mountable magnetic transducers/buzzers, including a wide frequency range and a typical sound output between 85 and 100 dB. The smallest SMT buzzer is available in sizes of 8 × 8 × 2.5mm. The height of the buzzer is the smallest on the market, but with many advantages. The sound output is typical at 87 dB min and customized at 100 dB. The special technology of this buzzer allows an optimized output due to the melodies, so each customized buzzer will give the best results.

Betso offers 12 different products of magnetic buzzers with a typical output sound between 83 dB and 96 dB.

These offers the designer a wide range of applications in telecommunications, mobile phone and automotive industry.


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