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Fixed Broadband Module

Mon, 07/16/2001 - 5:48am
EDX Division of Comarco Wireless Technologies is announcing the release of the Fixed Broadband Module. This module is used with EDX SignalPro™ v.4.0 for Windows®, and offers enhanced capabilities to those previously found in EDX's Network Design Module. The Fixed Broadband Module offers powerful planning and design features that specifically address the needs of today's LMDS, MMDS, Wireless Local Loop, and other fixed broadband wireless network engineers.

The Fixed Broadband Module performs advanced network design by automatically planning hub and customer premise equipment placement using traffic data to achieve an intelligent, capacity-efficient network. These tasks are completed with broadband-specific features such as automatic frequency planning that allows for an unlimited number of channels with arbitrary center frequencies, bandwidths, and air-interface types. This is ideal for dynamic bandwidth systems that adaptively use QPSK, 16QAM, and 64QAM. Also, support for frequency-hopping technologies can be accommodated so that hopping sequences rather than channels can be assigned to base sectors. The Fixed Broadband Module supports point-to-mulitpoint, consecutive point, and mesh networks. Additionally, improved traffic modeling can show estimates of total data traffic load per sector using uniform, land use, demographic, or traffic databases.

EDX SignalPro with the Fixed Broadband Module now provides completely flexible output. An unlimited number of maps and studies can be simultaneously viewed, and new detailed queries and system reports are available. With these queries and reports, engineers can quickly find out what they need to know about system performance and environmental factors. Further, a Component Object Model (COM) interface provides a programmable route to any other application so that data can be easily imported, exported and shared with EDX SignalPro.

New project management organization provides easy access to all network information, including available studies for each project. Client/server architecture lets multiple users to share centralized network databases resident on a local or remote server. Record sharing and locking are managed through permissions assigned to client users.

For engineers that make use of proprietary equipment specifications or configurations, EDX SignalPro with the Fixed Broadband Module provides important flexibility not found in other planning and design tools. An Application Programming Interface (API) feature gives engineers the ability to create custom area studies, custom propagation models, automatic frequency planning algorithms, and adaptive antenna algorithms.


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