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Mon, 07/16/2001 - 5:47am
Certicom announced the launch of movianCrypt™, the industry's most powerful and efficient transparent data encryptor for Palm handhelds. movianCrypt automatically safeguards personal or corporate data on Palm handheld computers with transparent, industrial strength encryption, protecting Palm users if their device is lost or stolen. With the launch of movianCrypt, Certicom further expands its movian product line and its position as a provider of high-powered security solutions directly to Fortune 1000 companies.

movianCrypt is an end-user application that provides a user-friendly method for maintaining encrypted data on Palm O/S® handheld devices. It works seamlessly in the background using the newest, strongest encryption standard (128 bit AES) in order to secure the data of all record-based applications. movianCrypt is compatible with all Palm devices running Palm OS 3.0 and above (including OS 4.0), as well as the Handspring Visor Series running Palm OS 3.1 and above. In addition, movianCrypt complements Certicom's movianVPN product, a wireless VPN solution that connects mobile workers with corporate data.

The use of handheld devices by mobile professionals is increasing dramatically. Most devices do not provide data encryption for information stored on the device, leaving data vulnerable to attack. Additionally, most existing security applications for the Palm restrict access to the device by requiring a password when the device is turned on. This front door is easily bypassed and the sensitive data on the Palm can be compromised by a hacker if the device is lost or stolen. In many cases an owner must remember to turn the device off in a certain way or do something special to protect their data. movianCrypt automates and ensures automatic encryption of all data.

As the corporate workforce goes mobile, Certicom's movianCrypt unleashes the potential for large-scale corporate use of popular handheld devices by safeguarding sensitive data from loss or theft. movianCrypt extends the existing Palm OS security features by inserting a layer of strong encryption beneath the Palm API layer, making it transparent to end users for a seamless experience.


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