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Broadband VNA

Tue, 07/31/2001 - 4:30am
Anritsu Company introduces the ME7808A Lightening Broadband VNA, a significant price/performance breakthrough in the broadband characterization of high-speed devices at both the R&D and production stages. Capitalizing on Anritsu's advanced "C" series Lightening technology that produces unrivaled measurement throughput, the ME7808A VNA is actually three systems in one — a broadband VNA, a standalone 65 GHz VNA, and a millimeter wave VNA — that provides unmatched flexibility.

When configured as a broadband VNA, the ME7808A covers the full spectrum of frequencies form 40 MHz to 110 GHz in 1-mm coax. As a stand-alone 65 GHz VNA, it covers 40 MHz to 65 GHz in V-connector coax, and it covers 65 GHz to 110 GHz in WR-10 waveguide when configured as a millimeter wave VNA. Additional discrete millimeter wave bands are easily supported by substituting other modules into the system.

Fast, continuous sweeps over the full 40 MHz to 110 GHz spectrum can be achieved by utilizing an innovative design tat leverages the advanced technology of the "C" series VNAs. The ME7808A VNA solution also features fine resolution in time domain, high dynamic range, and the repeatable accuracy necessary to make S=parameter measurements on both passive or active high frequency components and devices.

At the center of the ME7808A Lightening Broadband VNA system is Anritsu's 65 GHz Lightening, which allows for an extremely simple upgrade path. He integrated rack system also features two 65 GHz to 110 GHz transmission/reflection modules, a broadband test set, two multiplexing couplers, and two 20 GHz synthesized sources.

Anritsu has designed the millimeter was modules to be extremely small in size, simplifying integration onto an on-wafer probe system. The ME7808A VNA is fully compatible with both Karl Suss and Cascade probe systems, for flexibility when creating a complete on-wafer test solution. Utilizing compatible software and hardware, the Broadband VNA can be controlled via a PC to conduct highly accurate on-wafer calibration and data collection.


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