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Upgraded Bias Tee

Mon, 06/18/2001 - 4:56am
Microlab/FXR announces the current capability of their low-cost Bias Tee has been increased from 2A to 4A to meet the latest requirements of remote bi-directional and tower top amplifiers.

Model HW-11N Bias Tee consists of an RF coaxial line which blocks DC and video, with an auxiliary shunt which has a high impedance to RF and a low impedance to video or DC power. It features high isolation and a 100W power capability over the cellular/GSM, PCS/DCS and UMTS frequency bands, 800 - 2,200 MHz.

A special feature of this model is the wideband isolation of the RF path from spurious DC power line interference. Model HW-11N is specified to reject all such spurious signals from 500 to 2,500 MHz by at least 50 dB.

Bias Tees are commonly used to provide power and/or control signals to remote repeaters, bi-directional or antenna top amplifiers. They can also be used as Monitor Tees, to measure DC and video currents independently of RF. Mechanically, units are moisture sealed for outside applications, and have hex-style N connectors to allow controlled torque tightening.


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