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Ultra-Q - Active Filter

Mon, 06/11/2001 - 4:49am
The Ultra-Q, from AeroComm, an active filter on the market, is designed to completely eliminate all adjacent channel interference within a specified frequency band. The filter is adaptable to all receivers, eliminates all interference from received signals, improves fade margin to a 10db gain and can be tuned to multiple frequencies.

By providing AeroComm with the IP3 point and NF of the receiver, system improvement can be predicted and programmed into the filter. The Ultra-Q increases a receiver's IP3 for maximum performance, leading to increased coverage, expanded capacity, and vastly improved quality, reliability and performance of wireless networks operating in the cellular, Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR), multiple address systems (MAS), paging (AMPS), UHF and VHF frequencies.

Field programmable using a laptop PC, the Ultra-Q possesses customizable gain or attenuation, and can be quickly reprogrammed for different frequencies. The Ultra-Q is narrower than any other filter currently on the market and is able to eliminate all interference from the pass band with a single filter. With Ultra-Q technology, there is no signal loss through the filter. By providing the highest Q (68,000) in the industry and narrow bandwidth (3dB), the Ultra-Q effectively blocks all interfering frequencies without affecting the carrier frequency, resulting in a reduced number of dropped calls and an increased signal range and call quality.

Its compact size, standard mounts and user-friendly software are preferred by users of the Ultra-Q filter, which include cellular companies, two-way radio operators, utilities using multiple address systems, broadcasters, paging carriers, public safety networks, and municipalities. For example, one of the nation's largest electric utilities, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) Energy Delivery, a unit of Chicago-based Exelon Energy Delivery Corporation, is using AeroComm's Ultra-Q filter to eliminate adjacent channel interference within their MAS network.

The Ultra-Q features customizable gain and optional remote management and is currently available for frequencies between 150-174 MHz, 450-512 MHz, 896-901 MHz and 928-953 MHz. Remote management and administration is also optionally available.


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