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Platinum Resistance Thermometer

Mon, 06/04/2001 - 5:59am
PT-104 is a Platinum Resistance Thermometer to PC converter which offers the ultimate in temperature accuracy and resolution. PT-104 can measure up to 0.001 degrees C accuracy and 0.01 degrees C resolution using industry-standard PT100 and PT1000 sensors.

Offering additional advantages of remote access and interrogation, PT-104 is inherently accurate due to its novel design. Although accurate temperature sensors are widely available, before now it has been extremely difficult to take advantage of them due to errors caused by the measuring devices. To obtain this level of accuracy, PT-104 uses extremely stable low-drift EEPROM-calibrated reference resistors and a 24 bit A/D converter. Compatible with 2, 3 and 4 wire sensors, PT-104 is calibrated for 0-375 ohms for high accuracy measurements.

PT-104 is supplied with PicoLog software which automatically detects which sensor is connected and displays readings in the correct units. Additionally, software drivers for most OS's are supplied with PT-104m which use USB connection optional.


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