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PCI Isolated Multi-Interface Serial I/O Adapters

Mon, 06/04/2001 - 5:59am


Sealevel Systems introduced a new family of PCI serial I/O adapters today. The Ultra COMM + I series consists of 1 and 2 port PCI bus isolated serial I/O adapters capable of RS232/422/485 communications supporting data rates up to 460.8K bps.

Each port is independently configurable to RS232 when highly reliable standard serial ports are required. Choose the RS-422 mode for long distance device connection sup to 400 ft. where noise immunity and high data integrity are essential. Select RS485 and capture data from multiple peripherals in a RS485 multidrop network. Up to 31 RS485 devices can be connected to each port to automate your data collection. You can mix the ports in any of the interface combinations to provide maximum flexibility to your application. Sealevel even has optional DB9 to terminal block adapters to simplify field wiring and custom pin-out configurations.

In RS485 mode, our onboard auto-enable hardware automatically handles the RS485 driver enable allowing the RS485 ports to be treated as standard serial ports by the operating system. This allows the standard COM: driver to be utilized for RS485 communications.


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