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Modulation Analysis Software

Wed, 06/20/2001 - 5:03am
Anritsu Company introduced modulation analysis software that expands the measurement capability of its MS8608A and MS8609A transmitter testers to include GSM and EDGE. With the software, the transmitter testers can conduct power, frequency and modulation accuracy measurements on next-generation signals.

Manufacturers designing product to support the deployment of UMTS (Universal Mobile Telephone System), which provides for the migration of GSM-based systems to W-CDMA-based systems, will be especially interested in the MS8608A and MS8609A measurement software. The GSM and EDGE software adds to the existing W-CDMA measurement capability of the transmitter testers.

With the latest software, choose between GMSK and 8PSK modulation measurements. Modulation analysis functions include carrier frequency, frequency stability, RMS phase error, peak phase error and magnitude error. The software allows for the creation of constellation, eye, and trellis diagrams for detailed analysis. The software allows the MS8608A and MS8609A to measure transmitter power using a highly accurate thermal power meter. Additional measurements include output RF spectrum, measurement of rising/falling edge of antenna power, adjacent channel leakage power, and spurious emissions.

Combing a high-performance, full-featured spectrum analyzer, vector signal analyzer, and power meter, the MS8608A and MS8609A feature the performance and overall capability necessary to analyze next generation signals. With a 20 MHz measurement bandwidth, the transmitter testers will evolve to analyze third-generation high bandwidth, high data rate market requirements.

Designed specifically to measure W-CDMA spurious emissions to 12.75 GHz required by the 3GPP specification, the MS8609A covers the 9 kHz to 13.2 GHz frequency range while the MS8608A covers the 9 kHz to 7.8 GHz frequency. With the software and high performance of the MS8608A and MS8609A, the transmitter testers can be used at the R&D, manufacturing, and installation stages to analyze digital mobile radio base stations, base station amplifiers, mobile terminals and mobile terminal devices.


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