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Low-Jitter Family of Programmable Oscillators

Mon, 06/11/2001 - 4:49am
SaRonix' new PrO™ S8002C Series offers complete range of ceramic SMD programmable oscillators from 1-125 MHz, operating at 3, 3.3 and 5 Volts.

SaRonix announces their new line of surface-mount programmable oscillators: the PrO S8002C Ceramic Series. To better serve the needs of electronics OEM's, For the first time, low-jitter oscillators can be programmed by local distributors to meet the immediate needs of design engineers in a matter of 24-48 hours. Featuring one of the industry's widest range of frequencies (1-125 MHz) and operating voltages (3, 3.3 and 5V), SaRonix' new programmable oscillators meet the needs of most any application where low noise, small footprint, and fast delivery are called for.

Operating at 3.0 and 3.3 Volts, the PrO S8002C keeps period jitter (RMS) to an industry-leading noise-free level of 50ps max 33+ to 90 MHz, 100ps max 5+ to 33 MHz, and 167ps max 1 to 5 MHz. Operating at 5 Volts, the PrO S8002 holds jitter to 17ps typ. 42ps max 33+ to 125 MHz and 33ps typ. 100ps max 1-33 MHz. In all cases, these crystal controlled, HCMOS/TTL compatible oscillators contain a unique internal programming feature that allows a SaRonix distributor to supply the specified frequency in just 1-2 days.

The immediate delivery of programmable oscillators allows electronics engineers to design and test products for numerous applications such as today's new HCMOS Micro Processor Units. The low-jitter characteristics of the PrO S8002C even serve the design needs for datacom and telecom applications — after which, SaRonix' complete line of fixed-frequency oscillators can meet the strict specifications of production volumes.

The programmable S8002C offers precise rise and fall times, tight symmetry, and frequency stability (± 25, ± 50 or ± 100 ppm over all conditions) approaching that of conventional oscillators. Available on 16mm tape in 500 piece reels, the compact 5 × 7 × 1.8 mm ceramic, surface-mount package is ideal for today's automated assembly environments. Featuring four pads, the PrO S8002 makes available tri-state "enable" or standby control on pad 1.


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