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High Power Modular Power Supplies

Thu, 06/28/2001 - 7:33am


Lambda expands the offerings of its modular power supplies by introducing the high-power 1500W UltraFlex unit. The new unit is capable of up to 20 configurable outputs and has a full array of input and output signals. A single UltraFlex can provide all the system voltages and currents normally powered by using multiple single-output supplies, allowing customers to keep less inventory in stock and reduce their overall bill of materials. Additionally, the modular design of the UltraFlex unit offers flexibility in output configurations at no additional NRE charges, with the benefit of providing a configurable unit as a standard power solution for an otherwise custom requirement. With the functionality to support various applications, the Ultraflex unit is suitable for semiconductor fabrication systems, automated test equipment and factory automation equipment.

Vernon added that the 1500W UltraFlex unit incorporates an active current sharing feature, providing balanced outputs between two or more similar output modules connected in parallel.

In a compact 5 inches× 5 inches× 11 inches case, the 1500W UltraFlex unit provides a broad range of output voltage choices ranging from 1.8 V to 52.8 V, with no minimum load requirement on single output modules. The unit provides overvoltage, overload and overtemperature protection as well as a ± 10% voltage adjustment on all outputs. Additionally, the 1500W UltraFlex unit features a standard array of converter and output module signals. There are a total of seven converter signals available including global output inhibit, global output good, fan fail and thermal alarm. A total of 10 output module signals are standard. These include current share, current monitor, module inhibit, remote adjust and module output good.



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