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Driver Amplifier

Thu, 06/28/2001 - 7:33am
Celeritek announced the availability of a new driver amplifier for external fiber optic modulators targeting high bandwidth applications. Celeritek's new wideband GaAs pre-driver amplifier is an excellent solution for external Lithium Niobate modulators. By providing more gain in the device, power consumption can be reduced as much as 75%.

The CMM2030-BD optical driver amplifier gives fiber optic system designers a unique combination of wideband frequency coverage and low DC power consumption, along with a flat response and very low internal jitter. It is a precision pHEMT GaAs RF IC medium power 23 dBm amplifier. It operates from 30 KHz to 32 GHz with a linear 11 dB gain response. Low internal jitter makes it especially well suited for high speed digital data applications. It is an excellent choice for driving Lithium Niobate external optical modulators, where a high extinction ratio is necessary. Applications include both transmit and receive amplifier functions for high-speed OC-192 and OC-768 fiber optics. When used in as a driver amplifier with Celeritek's model CMM3020-BD amplifier, typical output voltage of 7.5 V peak-to-peak can be achieved. The bias voltage can be adjusted to reduce the output voltage as needed.


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