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Mon, 06/25/2001 - 5:04am
Catalyst Semiconductor announced the addition of the 32 K-bit density CAT25C32 and CAT25C33 and the 64K-bit density CAT25C64 and CAT25C65 SPI(TM) bus compatible memory products to its serial EEPROM product line. The new devices feature a 10MHz clock rate and operate with power supplies ranging from 1.8 volts to 6.0 volts. Clock rate is 25 times higher than I2C (TM) devices operating at 400kHz.

The CAT25C32 and CAT25C64 have four memory block protection modes, and the CAT25C33 and CAT25C65 have six memory block protection modes. All of the devices operate in the two most popular SPI serial clock modes (0,0 & 1,1). The four new products are organized as 4K × 8 and 8K × 8.

The CAT25C32/33/64/65 Serial EEPROM family maximizes system flexibility and reliability with advanced data write protection. The memory can be partitioned into segments having different levels of write protection, thus preventing changes to certain data while allowing data changes to other portions of the memory. In addition to software write protection, the devices offer hardware write protection. Using the write protection input pin the system designer can protect specific blocks of the memory area reserved for configuration or serialization data, such as serial numbers or system setup parameters, from inadvertent changes. With these write protection features there is no need for additional components to permanently protect system configuration data.

The CAT25C32/33/64/65 target applications where high performance, extended battery life and small size are essential. Packaging options include PDIP, small SOIC and low profile TSSOP packages. They are specified to operate from a low-voltage power source of 1.8 volts to 6.0 volts for read and program operations. Standby current is only picoamperes.


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