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Communications Processor Family Enhanced to Include ATM Enhancements

Thu, 06/28/2001 - 7:33am
Adding to their MPC8XX PowerQUICC™ processor family, Motorola announced their newest line of integrated communications processors designed to deliver advanced connectivity between LAN and DSL networking systems. Providing enhanced ATM functionality beyond the original MPC860SAR, the MPC862 family and MPC857T derivative include simultaneous Fast Ethernet (MII) and Parallel ATM (UTOPIA) operation, UTOPIA II Multi-PHY, UTOPIA Slave, AAL2, VBR, and port-to-port switching. Both the MPC862 family and the MPC857T derivative deliver the PowerQUICC processor family's true system-on-chip integration with a 32-bit embedded PowerPC™ core, powerful memory control and system functions, as well as a separate RISC-based Communications Processor Module.

The enhanced features of the MPC862 family and MPC857T derivative work to further meet the needs of communication and networking designs. For example, simultaneous operation of Fast Ethernet and Parallel ATM is meaningful in both DSL modem and IAD applications, while UTOPIA II Multi-PHY and UTOPIA Slave further enable DSLAM applications. Furthermore, AAL2 and VBR enhancements are designed to provide the necessary features for Voice-over-ATM applications.

The MPC862 PowerQUICC is a family of communications processors that varies based on customer needs-offering 2 to 4 serial communications controllers, different instruction and data cache sizes, and varying levels of networking protocol support. The MPC862 family has been designed as a solution for broadband access equipment--including remote access routers, DSLAMs, access concentrators, LAN/WAN switches, PBX systems, and gateways. The MPC857T is a cost-effective derivative of the MPC862, delivering a single serial communications controller, designed for customer premise equipment. This equipment includes xDSL modems, cable modems, low-end switching and routing platforms, residential gateways, and Integrated Access Devices (IADs).

These new processors add to Motorola's broad line of communications processors, which include the popular MPC850 and MPC860 PowerQUICC communications processor families, the powerful MPC8255 and MPC8260 PowerQUICC II™ communications processors, as well as the PowerPC family of host processors and the C-Port™ family of network processors.


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