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Cellular Jamming Device

Wed, 06/20/2001 - 5:03am
Image Sensing Systems announced the availability of MOBILE BLOCKER™, a cellular telephone and pager jamming device that has the ability to effectively block the transmission and reception of mobile telephone and pager signals within a 40-meter (135 foot) circle with optimal placement.

The device works by emitting an encoded signal from a base transmitter at the same frequency of pager and cellular communications. As a result, calls cannot be received or initiated and a message similar to "NO SERVICE" or "OUT OF RANGE" is displayed on most mobile phones and pagers. The power output of the device is minimal, considerably less than that of a standard mobile telephone, and well within established international EMI radiation standards.

MOBILE BLOCKER is compatible with AMPS, D-AMPS, CDMA, GSM, PCS, and PHS systems at frequency bands of 800, 900, 1800 and 1900. It features accessory antennas for omnidirectional or bi-directional blockage and an optional remote switch that enables immediate on/off control of the transmitter. The unit works effectively on all digital and analog phones, including the Globalstar Mobile Satellite phone.

MOBILE BLOCKER is approved for sale and use in parts of Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East and Asia. The sale and operation of MOBILE BLOCKER is restricted only to countries that permit the operation of such devices by approved agencies or private businesses.


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